The Greater Makalali Land & Wildlife Trust (IT3646/99) is a registered, non-profit organization that is dependent on sponsorships and donations to continue its valuable work.

How You Can Get Involved and Help

Our rhinos are in desperate need of your help. You have the unique opportunity to be part of this essential conservation effort, helping to ensure the future safety and prosperity of the wonderful rhino population we have fought hard to build here at the GMNR .

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Funds will go towards assisting with the costs of the reserves anti-poaching cause.

Contributions and sponsors go towards the protection of our rhinos in purchasing collar transmitters, to track and ensure the safety of our rhinos against poachers.

The GPS collars not only allow us to track and monitor our rhinos, but the data is also used for scientific research to enable conservationists to better understand and protect rhinos in the future.

Donate with bank transfer

Makalali Land & Wildlife Trust

First National Bank Current Account

Account No: 62926084427

Branch: Hoedspruit 250655


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